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For questions about Eyeglass World, please review our frequently asked questions below, stop by one of our locations to speak to our associates in person or give us a call at 1-800-637-3597.

Eyeglass Questions
Contact Lens Questions

What are the prices for eyeglass exams and contact lens exams?

Eyeglass World offers eye exams for both eyeglasses and contact lenses through our experienced independent optometrists. For specific costs, please contact the store near you.

Why are Eyeglass World prices so much less than other vision centers?

Eyeglass World has been providing optical services for more than 20 years. With more than 100 locations throughout the U.S., we have significant buying power with our vendors. We are able to buy at a lower cost due to our volume and we pass those savings onto you, the customer.

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What type of eyeglass frame  and lens selection does Eyeglass World have?

At Eyeglass World, we offer eyeglass frames that will make even the most fashion conscious customer smile. You'll find more than 2,200 eyeglass frames to choose from in our stores on average. With our two pairs for $78 special offer, eyeglasses are outfitted with single-vision uncoated plastic lenses on both pairs for the same person. If that doesn't suit your needs, no worries. We have plenty of other lens types available to ensure you are seeing and looking your best.

Whether you are looking for anti-reflective coating, Transitions® color-changing lenses, impact-resistant polycarbonate, glass or photogray, we can help you. Our stores offer state-of-the-art lenses.

In order to increase the durability of your eyeglasses, you have the option of a solid or gradient tint, scratch resistant coating, UV-block coating, anti-reflective coating or polarized coating. Most eyeglass coatings and lens tinting are available on most lens types. Our friendly and experienced opticians can help you choose the best lens and options for your vision, budget and style.

At Eyeglass World, you will find hundreds of low-cost frames that will keep you fashionable, designer eyewear to satisfy the most discerning fashionista and a wide array of contact lens brands. It is one stop shopping for the entire family's eyewear needs.

Not all frames are carried in all stores. Marks are property of others.

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Do I still need an eye exam if I already have an eyeglass prescription?

If your eyeglass prescription is current, we will gladly accept your prescription from another optometrist or vision center. If you think your vision may have changed or your prescription is no longer valid, no worries. At Eyeglass World, we can provide an eye exam by an experienced and friendly Doctor of Optometry. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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What kind of eyeglass warranty is offered if my eyeglass frames break?

The Eyeglass World Product Protection Plan provides protection for your eyeglass frames and eyeglass lenses for one year, for a small additional charge. Our product protection plan customers can rest easy knowing if their glasses break, they simply need to bring them in to have them repaired or replaced.

Customer loss of frame and/or lenses is not covered by this plan.

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Does Eyeglass World offer any special protection programs for kids glasses?

At Eyeglass World, saving money on kids glasses has never been easier. We offer 2 pairs of Kids Glasses starting at just $78. And polycarbonate lenses, which offer better protection against breakage, are always free for children 13 and under.

Additionally, Eyeglass World Product Protection Plan includes:

  • Replacement of broken or bent eyeglass frames
  • Scratch resistant coating on eyeglass lenses
  • UV Protection

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What is included in the 2 for $78 offer?

At Eyeglass World, we provide quality and value. With our 2 pairs of glasses for $78 offer, you can get two pairs of eyeglass frames from our two pair collection and single vision plastic lenses for one low price. The offer cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or insurance plan.

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Can I share the 2 for $78 offer with someone else?

The two for $78 offer is for one person and can't be shared with another person. As long as both pairs are for the same person, two different prescriptions may be used.

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When will my eyeglasses be ready?

For many of our eyeglasses, you can get your eyeglasses on the same day.+ Eyeglass World stores have labs on-site so you can start seeing better the same day. Please note that some prescription and specialty lenses may require more time. Our friendly associates can let you know when your glasses will be ready for pick-up if this is the case.

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How is it possible for my eyeglasses to be ready the same day?

Every Eyeglass World has an in-store lab featuring the lens crafting technology. While some specialty lenses may take longer, most orders are ready the same day.

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Are there specials for bifocals and multifocals too?

Yes! You can get two pairs of eyeglasses with select eyeglass frames featuring lined plastic bifocal lenses (FT28) for only $138, or no-line bifocal lenses for only $158. Both eyeglass pairs must be for the same person and the offer cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or insurance plan.

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What is the Eyeglass World return policy for eyeglasses?

Merchandise accompanied by a receipt may be returned within 30 days. If your prescription changes within 60 days of your eye exam, we will replace your eyeglass lenses (with the same style) at no additional cost.

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How can I find the Eyeglass World store closest to me?

Enter your 5-digit zip code or city & state in the "Find A Store" box at the top of this page to find your nearest Eyeglass World location or begin you search here.

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Does Eyeglass World accept walk-ins or should I schedule an appointment?

We do accept walk-ins for eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, it's always best to schedule an appointment to ensure timely service. Please click here to find a location near you and schedule your appointment today.

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How does the two pair designer glasses offer work?

Every Eyeglass World has hundreds of Two Pair eyeglass frames clearly marked. Every pair of eyeglass frames outside of our 2 for $78 offer area is eligible for our 2 pairs of designer glasses for one great price offer. The second pair of eyeglass frames and eyeglass lenses must be of equal or lesser value than the first pair, and be for the same person. Additional costs apply for Transitions® and other lens upgrades.

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Which vision insurance plans do you accept?

Eyeglass World accepts most vision insurance plans. Click here to see a list of current providers. If you don't see your vision insurance provider or if you have a question about your vision insurance plan, please contact your local Eyeglass World.

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What are contact lenses?

Contact lenses are an alternative to eyeglasses to correct vision. Contacts are very thin pieces of sterile, specially-formed material. Contact lenses cause the way light is focused in the eye to change resulting in correcting vision.

Contact lenses are specially manufactured to allow the oxygen to reach the surface of the eye. In addition, changes are consistently being made to make contact lenses more comfortable for the wearer while always keeping eye safety in mind.

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How do I know if contact lenses are right for me?

Most people who wear eyeglasses can also wear contacts. Our independent Doctors of Optometry can assist you in deciding whether contact lenses are the right choice for you to correct your vision.

Advantages of contact lenses:

  • Some are able to see better with contact lenses versus eyeglasses because more of the field of vision is corrected.
  • Contact lenses are vitually invisible on the eye and therefore do not alter facial appearance as eyeglasses do.
  • Contact lenses can be a more convenient option than eyeglasses.

However, contact lenses may require more time and a higher level of responsibility and care:

  • Contact lenses need to be carefully cleaned and maintained according to the instructions of your eye doctor and lens manufacturer.
  • Contact lenses generally have a much shorter life than eyeglasses and need to be replaced regularly though they are generally less expensive to replace than eyeglasses.

Still not sure? Try them out first!

Click here to find a location and schedule an eye exam with an independent Doctor of Optometry or click here to buy contact lenses online. Eyeglass World stores have contact lens fitting rooms where a trained technician will help you try on contact lenses. These sealed trial contact lenses are specifically made by contact lens manufacturers for this purpose.

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What are the contact lens types?

Contact lenses can be broken down into two categories - wear type and tint type. Most wear types come in most tint types, and vice versa.

Wear Type Characteristics


Eyeglass World highly recommends disposable contact lenses. Disposable contact lenses are generally prescribed to be worn during the day and removed at night. However, it is possible the Doctor will recommend an extended wear schedule.

This contact lens type offers far more benefits:

  • Worn and discarded every one to two weeks.
  • Require less care than daily wear soft lenses, as they are replaced more often.
  • Doctors believe risk of infection is decreased due to frequent replacement.
  • Feel moister than some other contacts, and as a result, many people find them much more comfortable to wear.
  • Visual acuity increases as new contact lenses are placed in the eye more frequently.
Daily Wear Soft

Daily wear soft lenses are also worn during the day and removed at night. However, these lenses will typically lasts six months to a year depending on the prescribed wear schedule. Because these contact lenses are handled for a longer period of time, lost or torn lenses are more probable. Those who need correction for astigmatism can wear toric lenses.

Extended Wear Soft

Extended soft wear lenses may be able to be worn during the night as well. However, it is important to closely follow the prescribed wear schedule. Because these lenses are handled less often, the risk of tearing or loss is somewhat reduced. These lenses are generally thinner than daily wear soft lenses and must be handled in a more gentle fashion.

Programmed Replacement Soft

With these lenses, the wearer will wear the contact lenses daily for one to three months before discarding them. The optometrist will prescribe a wearing schedule.

Gas Permeable

For patients with astigmatism, gas permeable contact lenses may be prescribed. Gas permeable lenses allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea. Because these lenses are made of a semi-rigid, silicon-based plastic, the lens can be more difficult to adjust. Wearers can expect it to take about three weeks of wear to become comfortable with the feel of the lens on the eye.

Tint Type Characteristics


Clear lenses can be difficult to see when cleaning and placing in the eyes.

Visibility Tint, also called Handling Tint

These contact lenses are made with a very light tint (typically blue) to make handling and cleaning easier. The tint does not affect your vision and won't change your eye color.

Enhancing Tint

These contact lenses are made to enhance a similar colored eye. If your eyes are light blue, a blue-enhancing tint lens will make your eye color appear darker and more intense. Your actual vision is not tinted, as the pupil, the central part you see through, is clear. If the enhancing tint lens is chosen well, others will not notice you are wearing a tinted contact lens.


An opaque tinted contact lens actually changes the color of your eye. The colored lens blocks out the iris of your eye (the colored part) to change the color of your eye. Opaque lenses can change your eye color from brown to blue, for example. Your vision is not effected by an opaque lens as the pupil area of the lens remains clear.

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What can I do if I decide contact lenses aren't the right choice for me?

It takes time for most people to become accustomed to wearing contact lenses. This is completely normal and to be expected. Our trained professionals in our Eyeglass World stores can show you easy insertion techniques to make contact lens wear comfortable.

In the unlikely event you decide contact lenses aren't the right choice for you, we will refund the contact lens cost minus the cost of the exam. Or we can apply that credit towards any pair of eyeglasses available in our store. Because of the medical nature of contact lenses, some restrictions do apply. Be sure to ask our associates for details.

Call or stop by the Eyeglass World near you for more information.

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Can contact lenses harm my eyes?

Contact lenses are safe when they are properly used and maintained. Contacts are specially manufactured to be gentle to the eye surface.

Eye irritation and infection often are due to failure to follow your contact lens maintenance plan, wearing your contact lenses for too long, not washing your hands before handling them, and/or improper cleaning.

At Eyeglass World, your eye health is our top priority and we will work closely with you to ensure optimum eye health and vision.

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Are contact lenses available with the 2 for $78 offer?

The 2 for $78 offer is only for eyeglasses. However, we also offer low prices on our contact lenses as well as the ability to purchase contact lenses online.

For a contact lens eye exam or to purchase your contacts in person, visit one of our stores.

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How can I buy contact lenses online?

It's simple! Shop from the convenience of your own home even after our Eyeglass World stores are closed. Just click here to get started with buying low price contact lenses online.

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In the past when I tried contact lenses, I thought they were uncomfortable. Why should I give contacts another chance?

In recent years, contact lenses have been continually improved to make contact lens wear more comfortable. During your eye exam, discuss your concerns with the professional Doctor of Optometry as this is always the best person to evaluate your eyes, lifestyle and vision needs. Be sure to mention your concerns to your doctor to determine if contact lenses are right for you.

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**Offer includes select frames and single vision uncoated plastic lenses on both pairs, for the same person. 
Sunglasses can be used with offer if lenses are prescription or upgraded (i.e. Polarized, Drivewear®, etc.). Frame value for free pair still applies at $199.95, even if choosing sunglasses as the free pair.
Offers cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or insurance plan.