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Glaucoma Eye Disease Symptoms

Glaucoma indicators differ based on the variety of glaucoma. It needs to be noted that in quite a few circumstances, the signs or symptoms are so minor until the illness progresses that most won't notice them. This is why eye exams are an important part of your regular healthcare testing.

Major Open Angle Glaucoma

Warning signs of major open angle glaucoma cosists of a loss of peripheral vision and ultimately tunnel vision within the later stages of your condition. This loss is typically incredibly gradual and can quickly go unnoticed.

Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

Acute angle closure glaucoma can have more pronounced symptoms though most will still not associate glaucoma as the cause. In this form of glaucoma, signs and symptoms can be nausea and vomiting that is usually brought on by severe eye pain, blurred eyesight, seeing halos around lights and experiencing redness of the eyes.

If you may have any of these signs and symptoms, you ought to see your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye examination. Since signs don't typically seem or grow to be noticeable until eventually the disorder is advanced, it is important to ask for glaucoma screenings with your annual eye exam.

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