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Frame Shape of Eyeglasses

In accordance to face shape, the shape of your eyeglass frame is also important to keep in mind. The frame you choose can manipulate your face shape by either emphasizing or down playing your features.

There are three basic types of frame shapes:

Full Rim Glasses

Full rim frames best accentuate your eyes. (Since your eyes should cue up to the center of the lens, full rim, literally frame your eyes, and make them the focus of your face.)

Semi-Rimless Frames

Semi-rimless frames call attention to the top portion of your face, such as your brow line. They also add breadth to the top part of your face, which is why they work so well for diamond and triangle face shapes.

Rimless Frames

Rimless frames are the closest thing to invisible glasses. With lenses held together with just screws, no frame, these glasses give a sleek, professional look without adding any dimension or distortion to the balance of your features.

Frame Size

Glasses, like shoes, just aren't cute if they don't fit the way they should. And in the manner that you wouldn't buy shoes that are either too big or too small, you shouldn't buy frames that don't fit either.

It's important to find a pair that is in proportion to your face size. An ideal sized frame would measure up with your temples, wouldn't move when you smiled, and your pupils would fall straight in the midpoint of the lens.

Frame Colors

Certain complexions look balanced with certain colors. Every complexion is either warm toned or cool toned. Warm tones means your skin undertone is yellow. A blue or pink undertone leads way to a cool toned complexion.

Hair is often another indication of which undertone you might be. Blonde, flat black, light brown and red are usually found on warm toned people. Meanwhile, cool complexion people tend to be strawberry blonde, flat brown, salt and pepper, grey, or blue-black.

If you have a warm undertone, some frame colors that may work better for you include colors like: gold, copper, khaki, coral, blond tortoise, off white, peach, warm blue or bright red.

For cool undertones, consider: black, blue, plum, traditional tortoise, magenta, pink, or mid-toned amber.

Eyeglass World associates are always a great resource. They're more than willing to help you find an eyeglass frame(s) that fits your lifestyle and represents you. But the best advice comes from your friends. So bring a buddy and come see us today!

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