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Farsightedness is actually an eyesight issue when people can only clearly see objects that are far away. Some may have issues concentrating on items that happen to be very near to them. The clinical term for farsightedness is hyperopia, though many eye doctors will just call it farsightedness.

What Does Farsightedness Mean?

When you have fuzzy eyesight when you try to see objects close up - reading, sewing or focusing on laptop computer - but can see perfectly well at a distance, you might be farsighted. Those people who are farsighted may experience additional vision problems during the night or in the dark than they do during the day time.

How is Farsightedness Diagnosed?

In order to determine if you are farsighted, you will need an eye exam by an optometrist. While doing this eye exam, the optometrist should be able to determine how well you see close-up in addition to at a distance. Your visual skill will determine your prescription level along with if you are farsighted or nearsighted.

How is Farsightedness Treated?

For very minor cases of farsightedness, eye glasses or contact lenses probably are not needed. However, most people will experience a smaller amount of eye strain, eye fatigue and severe headaches by addressing their farsightedness, regardless of whether it is very slight.

After your eye examination, your eye doctor can provide a prescription for eyeglasses or contacts. You might find that you simply don't need to put on the eyeglasses continuously and only have to have them when you are performing jobs which need you to focus on close materials. Those people with larger degrees of farsightedness might find they require vision correction at all times.

If you worry any vision changes or issues with how well you see, your first step is always to make an appointment with an optometrist. A complete eye exam can establish the best course of action to bring back your eyesight to its fullest potential.

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