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Glasses Lenses & Eyeglasses Lens Types

Eyeglass World has a great selection of lenses to create the perfect pair of glasses for you. While our 2 pair deals include single vision plastic lenses at no charge, we offer options for upgrades to personalize your glasses to fit your needs even more.

While some of these options are for aesthetic reasons, such as making your lenses thinner, other options are for those with safety in mind. Our polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and the best choice for sports glasses and goggles.

We also offer lenses can enable you to see more clearly under some lighting conditions such as Transitions lenses, Drivewear lenses activated by Transitions, polarized sunglass lenses and lenses treated with Neverglare Advantage anti-reflective coating.

Be sure to explore the following pages to learn more about our lens types and check out the interactive features we offer to show you exactly how different lenses will impact your view of the world.


Verithin/High Index


No-Line Bifocals/Progressive Lenses

Digimax HD with Neverglare Advantage




Drivewear Polarized Lenses activated by Transitions

Neverglare Advantage


Two pairs of complete glasses-just $78!*

With thousands of the hottest brands and trendiest fashion frames, Eyeglass World offers double the style and double the value.