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Be fierce with these Commotion eyeglasses. With their sleek frame shape and classic color, these eyeglasses most definitely exude confidence and even subtle aggression.

If you want to express your bold personality and aren’t afraid of being perceived as being clever just by your eyeglasses, this is the pair for you.

  • Slim and slender frame body
  • Nearly weightless and incredibly comfortable
  • Classic black color
  • Bold and confident frame design

Commotion Whimsical

SKU: 8888140140
Color: Black

*Buy any pair of designer eyeglasses and receive a free pair of eyeglasses including a frame up to $199.95 value and lenses of equal or lesser value as the first pair for the same person. Choose a more expensive frame for your free pair and pay the difference. Additional charges apply for Transitions and other lens upgrades. See an Associate for complete offer details. Offer cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or insurance plan.

**Sunglasses can be used in conjunction with our BOGO offer as long as the lenses are prescription lenses or upgraded lenses such as Polarized, Drivewear, etc. The frame value for the free pair still applies at $199.95 even if choosing sunglasses as the free pair.