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Do you like vintage-inspired eyeglass looks but want to make sure that your eyewear is keeping up with modern fashions? Well, you’ll never go wrong with these frames designed by comedian Rickey Smiley for Eyeglass World.

Tortoise print is a classic look indeed, though the high-contrast effect here modernizes it significantly. The shape of this classic cut is even modern with a flat top, a highly flattering look. The faux wood finish then takes it back to vintage styles, tying the look together.

  • Tortoise print is flattering and versatile
  • Shape and color contrast are very modern
  • Faux wood finish adds a vintage feel

Rickey Smiley 106

SKU: 8888840539
Color: Tortoise
**2 pair offers include select frames and single-vision uncoated plastic lenses on both pairs, for the same person. Offer cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or insurance plan.