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Smart Glasses, Now in Your Prescription

Eyeglass World is proud to be the first to offer prescription lenses for your smart glasses. The wait is finally over. Bad vision doesn't have to stop you from following the hottest tech trend! Read on to learn more about the smart glasses we offer, and the differences between them.

Man Wearing Smartglasses

What are Smart Glasses?

Smart glasses are part of a growing category called wearable computers, or "wearables" for short. They are computers you take with you that add information to reality as you see it. With smart glasses, this information is right in front of your face whenever you need it.  There are three different categories of smart glasses, depending on how the information is shown to you and how it mixes into reality. Each offer a unique set of advantages.

Heads Up Display

Heads Up Display (HUD) smart glasses are just what they sound like. HUD glasses deliver information in the corner of your vision. The screen is laid on top of your actual lens, and you simply have to look over to see it. Things like directions, text messages, pictures and live chats are accessible simply by looking through your glasses. HUD models include Google Glass, Recon Jet, and Vuzix M100.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality glasses embed the display in the lens itself, instead using of a separate display like the HUD. Because you are seeing through the entire display, 3D images and other important information can be showing on top of the world you are currently viewing. Imagine following a set of directions on foot while a virtual arrow along the sidewalk guides your path. The options with augmented reality are limitless. Augmented reality models include Google Glass and Epson Moverio.

Virtual Reality

These glasses are completely immersive. Virtual reality smart glasses can simulate an entirely new world if you want them to. They surround you with the sights and sounds of places you could never get to, or with a world that is completely imagined. Virtual reality models include Vuzix M100 and Epson Moverio.


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