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Smart Gold Lenses

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One of the leading pioneers in providing specialized optical prescription lenses for smart glasses, Rochester Optical has partnered with Eyeglass World to produce a SMART solution to the wearables technology. Smart GOLD Lenses are specifically designed with enhanced and digitally fabricated optics for smart glasses and only for use with smart glasses.

More than just prescription lenses, Smart GOLD Lenses are engineered for the unique visual demands of smart glasses. When using smart glasses, the eye must be able to focus on device displays at varying distances away as well as focus at traditional close up and far distances. Smart GOLD Lenses meet all of the wearer’s needs.

How is Smart GOLD Different?

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Smart GOLD Lenses are the “lens within the lens” solution providing custom digital adjustments to lenses to accommodate the special viewing needs when wearing smart glasses. Glass and Vuzix M100 users must frequently sweep their eye up and to the right to see the HUD (Heads Up Display). Smart GOLD Lenses for Glass and Vuzix provide specific prescription adjustment for the upper right corner of both eyeglass lenses, and the adjustments are unique to each eye.

  • Smart GOLD Lenses provide greater visual clarity for the smart glasses users and may minimize eyestrain and eye fatigue.
  • Less eyestrain and fatigue mean users can wear and use their smart glasses for longer periods of time.


Download our pamphlet to learn more about Smart Gold Lenses.

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