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Learn About Contact Lenses

For those who need vision correction, contact lenses can be a great and affordable option. Best of all, you can buy contact lenses online and save the trip to the store each time you need to reorder. Book your contact lens exam online today!

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Contact Lens Articles

New to wearing contact lenses? 

Contact lens wearers may need an initial period of adjustment to become comfortable wearing contacts daily.

Daily Wear vs. Extended Wear Contacts

Learn about the differences between daily wear and extended wear contact lenses.

What are contacts made out of?

Learn about the four main types of contact lenses, materials they're made of and how that can affect how comfortable they are for you! 

Contact Lens How-tos

Need to know how to insert your contact lenses? How should they be stored? Find out here!

Contact Lens Tips

We've got answers to common questions about contact lenses.

Allergies and Contact Lenses

Allergies can make wearing contact lenses difficult and uncomfortable. We've got tips on how to effectively deal with allergies while wearing contacts.

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