Benefits of Ordering Contact Lenses Online

If you don't have a current contact lens prescription, schedule an eye exam today! You'll receive a trial pair of lenses and will need to return to the store for a follow-up visit with the doctor to confirm your prescription. Right after your follow-up eye examination, ask your optometrist for your contact lens prescription. You will require the numbers on the prescription if you decide to order your contact lenses online. Keep in mind that your contact lens prescription is different than your eyeglass prescription. 

Ordering contact lenses in-store is easy, but it can be a hassle to go back to the store once a month for new contacts. It could also be costly when you factor in your time and gas. America's Best allows customers to order contacts online from the comfort of your own home. You can even get free shipping with a $50 or 4-box order!

Benefits of Ordering Contact Lenses Online

You'll find several benefits to ordering contact lenses on the internet:

  • Save time by not having to order your supply of contact lenses in-store.
  • Have your contact lenses delivered straight to your door.
  • Qualify for no cost delivery with an order over $50 or a 4-box order.
  • Buy in bulk. When you order a six-month supply or annual supply all at once, you are able to frequently take advantage of free shipping offers which saves you cash
  • Start shopping online now. Our simple online ordering system for contact lenses is fast and convenient. Your contacts will generally arrive in your mailbox within just a few days of when you place your order.
  • Numerous contact lens manufacturers offer special pricing and rebates from time to time. When these become accessible, we pass these savings on to you. Buying during these special incentive times allows you to save even more money on your contact lens order!
  • Our online contact lens store is always open.
  • You'll receive the same wonderful service if you shop in-store or online.
  • Eyeglass World has a wide selection of contact lenses at some of the lowest costs.

When it is time to order your contact lenses, there's no need to get on the road and fight traffic to an optical store. As long as you have your contact lens prescription from your eye doctor, it is possible to order your contacts from the comfort of your own home!

Missing Your Prescription?

If you don't have your actual prescription, don't be concerned. Just enter the details from your contact lens box and we'll verify the prescription with your eye doctor.

Need to have an updated contact lens eye exam? We offer affordable eye exams and great savings through our store and online for all types of contact lenses.

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