New to Wearing Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses have changed quite a bit since they were originally developed as a way to correct vision and as an alternative to eyeglasses. Today, there are many types of lenses and lens material that are extremely comfortable for day-to-day wear. Following an initial adjustment period, many contact lens wearers don't even realize they're wearing them anymore!

Wearing Contacts for the First Time

When you first insert contact lenses, it may feel a little strange. Your optometrist will prescribe you a certain brand and type of contact lens, and depending on that type and the material it's made of, it may take less than a day for you to adjust to them. Typically, people who wear soft contact lenses can get accustomed to wearing lenses quickly. Soft lenses are bendable and breathable, and very gentle on your eye. Other types of lenses may take a few weeks to completely adjust to. For those wearing rigid contact lenses, this adjustment period may be longer because of the lens material.

For an incredibly small percentage of people, it is more difficult to wear contact lenses at all. However, this is extremely uncommon. In most cases, your eye doctor can make recommendations to help increase the comfort of wearing contact lenses.

If you have tried contact lenses before but were not pleased for some reason, you might consider trying them again with a new type of contact lens or a lens made from a different material. 

Contact lens technology is always improving, in the past few years, lens materials like silicone hydrogels, have been introduced that makes wearing contact lenses for long periods much easier! This is especially true if you had dry eyes when you wore contact lenses in the past.

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