Lens Types


Once you've chosen a brand new designer eyeglass frame, you'll need to choose the lenses that best suit your lifestyle. Here are the types of lenses that Eyeglass World offers. Choose the type that best suits your lifestyle and prescription needs.

Basic Lenses

Not looking for anything fancy? Then all you will need is the most basic lens type (CR-39) single vision plastic lenses. These lenses are the most affordable option and work well for lighter prescriptions. If you have a very high prescription, you may want to look at a different lens type or these lenses will be very thick and heavy.

Verithin/ High Index Lenses

Verithin lenses are a great option if you have a heavier prescription and want to avoid the 'glass bottle'look of thick plastic lenses. Verithin lenses are lightweight, high index plastic that provides a superior view of the world. They are also scratch resistant and very durable.


If you need to wear glasses all the time, to solve both near and far vision issues, then progressive lenses or no-line bifocals are the best option for you. Progressive lenses allow you to focus your vision through different parts of the eyeglass lens depending on your activity. If you are reading, you'll use the lower part of the lens that allows you to focus through your near vision prescription. If you're driving, you'll use the distance vision portion of the lens.

Verilite Polycarbonate Lenses

These lenses are a must-have for children's eyeglass frames. They are light and durable and impact resistant. If you are purchasing sports glasses or goggles, then you'll want to choose these lenses.

Polarization/Polarized Lenses

Glare can be a huge obstacle if you are an outdoors sportsman, if you drive a lot, or if your outdoor job depends on your ability to see clearly. Polarized lenses use special technology and tint colors to block out glare and UV rays in high light scenarios. Once you've tried polarized lenses, it's hard to go back because the difference in your visual experience is so distinct!

Transitions® Lenses

Those who are ready for the convenience of only having one pair of glasses - to wear both outside and inside - should take a look at the convenience of Transitions® lenses. Transitions® lenses darken when you head into high sun conditions, and quickly lighten again when you head back indoors or in the shade. The lenses block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB light and offer spectacular clarity.

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