Tips for Ordering Glasses Online


Ordering glasses and contacts online has never been easier. Here's how to ensure your online glasses ordering goes smoothly.

1. Only buy glasses from a name you trust.

Consumers beware! According to a study by the Journal of the American Optometric Association, glasses bought online consistently fail to meet safety and quality standards. For this reason, you don't want to buy glasses from just anywhere online. You want to buy them from a name you trust, and from a place, like Eyeglass World, where you can see an actual person and visit an actual store, should your glasses not fit as you expect them to. A bargain is not a bargain if your glasses don't turn out as promised and you have no way to make them right.

Same with your contact lenses, don't trust just anyone to fill a contact lens order. Make sure they really are using current (not expired) contact lenses made by manufacturers you know and trust.

2. Have a current prescription.

When you order glasses online, you'll need to have your prescription on hand. Eyeglass prescriptions are generally good for two years, while contact lens prescriptions are only good for one year.

3. Use a virtual frame try-on before you order.

If you are ordering a new pair of glasses, make sure you've tried them on virtually first. They may look cute online, but unless the frame size and shape are right for your face, you may not be happy with them when they come in. For virtual try-on you simply upload a picture and then pick the frames you like to see how well they fit and what the color looks like with your skin tone. I would not buy glasses online without doing this first!

4. Know ahead of time what kind of lenses you want.

If you are ordering contacts, have your old lens box handy so you can remember the exact brand name and make sure you are reading your prescription correctly. If you are ordering eyeglasses, know what kind of lenses you want in your frame. Do you need bifocals? Progressive lenses? Single vision lenses? Transitions lenses? Look up these different lens types before you go to order so your process will be smoother.

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