Why People Choose Progressives

Need multifocal lenses but hate the look of traditional bifocals? Then progressive lenses are for you. These discreet lenses look just like a regular pair of single vision lenses. Yet, their amazing technology allows you to see well up close and far away—and everywhere in between! You won’t believe the difference between traditional bifocals and progressives.

Adjusting Takes Time

Once you decide to take the leap and try progressive lenses, be sure to give yourself some time to adjust. They’ll feel different at first—but in a few weeks you’ll train your eyes to utilize every part of the lens and become a progressives-wearing pro! 

Customized Digital Progressive Lenses

Come to your closest Eyeglass World and see the wide variety of customized, digital progressive lenses that we offer. These lenses offer increased clarity and are totally customizable to whatever your vision and lifestyle needs.

You can see the difference in no line standard bifocal lenses and lined bifocals below!

Classic Progressive | Entry level no line progressive

Classic Progressive Entry level no line progressive

Classic Enhanced Progressive | Good clarity of vision and fits a wider range of frames

Classic Enhanced Progressive Lens

Digital Progressive | Easier to adapt to and a wider field of vision

Digital Progressive