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Polarized Lenses

Man wearing sunglasses with swatches of different tints

Upgrade to Amazing

Polarized sunglass lenses offer improved visual acuity by cutting down on glare and reducing reflected light. Once you put them on you can instantly see the difference. If you've never tried polarized sunglass lenses, ask an Eyeglass World associate to see a sample lens! You will be amazed at how clearly you can see through these amazing lenses.

Lenses to Match Your Active Lifestyle Are you always outside? Then polarized lenses are exactly what you need to help protect your eyes from the sun and see clearly in all conditions. Polarized lenses reduce glare if you are driving or playing near or on the water. If the day's a bit hazy, don't worry! Polarized lenses can cut through the haze and keep your vision crystal clear. Plus, they offer outstanding UV protection.

The Polarized Lenses Test Want to see if your lenses are polarized? Put your glasses on and look at a computer monitor. Then, tilt your head left and right. Does the monitor's brightness change as you tilt your head left and right? If so, you're likely already wearing polarized sunglasses.

Customize Your Look Polarized lenses come in several different colors. You can order polarized lenses in gray, brown, green, rose or other colors to match your style or activities. Talk to your Eyeglass World associate about what colors will work best for the activities you engage in most while outdoors. If you love fashion, then you'll certainly appreciate all the color options we offer to match whichever designer frame you choose.

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