Hipster Glasses

If you're too cool for mainstream fashion but you need prescription eyeglasses, you may feel like your choices are limited. After all, prescription glasses are one of the few accessories you don't want to buy vintage from a thrift store.

No problem, you can find prescription hipster glasses in all the latest styles at an Eyeglass World near you.

Hipster Glasses for Every Style

We carry hundreds of frames in every style.

Whether you are looking for timeless designs by Ray-Ban® or Converse for kids, or if you want to pick up some frames by an up-and-coming designer who hasn't gone mainstream yet, at Eyeglass World you will find the perfect eyeglasses to go with your favorite vintage cardigan and skinny jeans.

Whatever your style, the Eyeglass World near you has it.

Save Money on Hipster Glasses

Whether you're living in a studio loft or your parents' basement, you can always appreciate a good deal.

All of our frames are included in our amazing 2 pair offers, meaning that you can get the stylish look you want and still have enough money left over to pick up a cup of organic fair trade coffee on the way home.

Don't Wait Around for Hipster Glasses

You are always trying to plug in to the next great thing before everyone else does. So why do some stores make you wait a week or more for prescription glasses?

At Eyeglass World, our labs are right here in every store. This allows us to fill your prescription in the frames of your choice in the same day in most cases+, so you can spend less time waiting for your glasses and more time combing the independent music store for vintage LPs.

Walk out with your new hipster eyeglasses today at your nearest Eyeglass World.

Hipster Sunglasses

Whether you're going to an outdoor music festival or a bike polo tournament, protecting your eyes is essential. Eyeglass World carries plenty of timeless styles for prescription sunglasses** that will make you want to come up with more reasons to go outside.

Channel Audrey Hepburn or a young Johnny Cash with classic Ray-Ban® Wayfarer™ frames, or browse our thousands of other styles. Drop by the Eyeglass World nearest you to see our full selection of hipster sunglasses.



**Sunglasses can be used with offer if lenses are prescription or upgraded (i.e. Polarized, Drivewear®, etc.). Frame value for free pair still applies at $199.95, even if choosing sunglasses as the free pair. Cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or insurance plan.