EyeSight Club at Eyeglass World


What is the EyeSight Club?

What would you pay for 3 years of contact lens exams? As a member of the EyeSight Club, you'll get all that and more for just $99.

An individual contact lens eye exam is $79, but for just $20 more, you'll receive 3 years of eye exams (with up to 2 exams per year) as well as free glaucoma screenings and dilation. That's a huge savings on your contact lens exams, a $375 value!

Membership is not availaible at all locations, so check with your local store.

Why should I join?

By being an EyeSight Club member, you will not only receive discounts on your contact lenses, but on accessories, eyeglasses, and sunglasses too! Even if you wear contacts on a daily basis, you need a back-up pair of glasses. The best part is that this isn't a one-time discount - it's good as long as you are a current member of the EyeSight Club!

If you're not convinced yet, here's some more to think about:

EyeSight Club members get Sofmed 55 disposable contacts for just $13.99 per box on an annual supply. The regular price is $21.99 per box of 6 lenses. That's a savings of $8 per box! Add that to the $375 you save by getting 6 eye exams over 3 years, and the choice should be clear - join our EyeSight Club TODAY!


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