Sofmed TORIC Weeklies 6 Pack

(6 Lenses/Box)
Sofmed TORIC Weeklies 6 Pack

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Right Eye Base Curve (BC): 8.7
Right Eye Diameter (DIA):14.5
Left Eye Base Curve (BC):8.7
Left Eye Diameter (DIA):14.5
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Manufactured byCooperVision Sofmed TORIC Weeklies 6 Pack

Product Overview

  • Sofmed Toric are two-week replacement contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision.
  • Designed for patients suffering from astigmatism, Sofmed Toric lenses are known for providing crisp, clear vision all day long.
  • Its thin, patented edge and extremely stable toric contact lens performance provides excellent visual acuity and lasting comfort.

Additional Information

Sofmed Toric contact lenses are the benchmark standard hydrogel lens for patients who need correction for astigmatism and a two-week replacement schedule.


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