Contact Lenses


Eyeglass World Has a Great Selection of Contacts

Looking for low prices on major name brands of contact lenses? Then Eyeglass World has you covered. We carry top names like: Natural Eyes, ACUVUE, Air Optix, FreshLook, PureVision, and Biofinity. From daily disposables, to colored contact lenses to multi-focal contacts, Eyeglass World has you covered if you wear contacts!

Why Choose Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses offer flexibility and freedom for those who need daily vision correction. Many people choose to wear contacts because of how easy they are to use and how comfortable they are to wear. If you play sports or just don't want to wear glasses all the time, contact lenses may be for you. 

Contact lenses are generally categorized in two ways: wear type and tint type. A list of all the options can be found below. Ask your Eyeglass World optometrist which type of lenses would best suit your lifestyle.

Here are some of the specialty types of contact lenses you can find at Eyeglass World or order online.


Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contacts are, by far, the most convenient option when it comes to contact wearing. Disposable lenses can be worn for extended periods - such as one week straight. Talk to your optometrist about your ideal wear schedule. If you travel frequently, hate the clean and sterilize lenses, want to lessen your risk for infection, or are just looking for a no hassle option to see well, all the time, then try disposable contact lenses.

Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses

Daily wear lenses last longer than disposable lenses because they are worn during the day and removed at night. Depending on the brand and your wear schedule, each lens could last up to six months or a year. These lenses do require daily care, but are comfortable and a popular choice for lens wearers. If you have astigmatism, daily wear soft contacts come in toric lenses, too.

Extended Wear Soft

Choose extended wear soft contacts if you need lenses to wear for longer periods. Talk to your Eyeglass World optometrist about whether or not this type of lenses would suit your lifestyle.

Gas Permeable

For patients with astigmatism, gas permeable contact lenses may be prescribed. These more rigid lenses allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea. They also require a few weeks adjustment time. 


Clear/Visibility Tints

Lenses can be clear (though clear lenses are the most difficult to handle!). They can also have a slight visibility tint (usually blue) that doesn't affect your eye color but allows you to see your lenses better when cleaning or handling.

Colored Contact Lenses to Change Eye Color

Looking to alter or enhance your eye color? You have two options.

Enhancing Tints

Color contact lenses with an enhancing tint will boost your natural eye color. Choose colors like blue, green, hazel or brown to intensify your own natural shade.

Opaque Lenses

Opaque contact lenses will actually change the appearance of the color of your eye. These colored lenses block out your natural eye color and can completely change the look of your iris (the colored part of the eye!) If you have brown eyes and always dreamed of blue, or green eyes and always dreamed of brown, these lenses can let you make the change. 

Remember, once you've found your perfect pair of contact lenses, it may take a few weeks to get used to them. Talk to the helpful associates at Eyeglass World should you have any problems during your adjustment period.

Here are a few other helpful things to know if you wear contact lenses:

Always Have a Backup!

Contact lens wearers know that even the healthiest eyes need a break some days. That's why it's important to keep a back-up pair of eyeglasses-- in a style you love and a current prescription on hand. Accidents happen, and you never know when a bout of allergies or a lost lens may necessitate giving your eyeglasses a turn!

Never Run Out!        

Contact lenses are designated for specific wear times. We know you are busy and keeping track of how many lenses are left in the box can be just one more forgotten item on your never-ending to do list. That's why Eyeglass World encourages you to use our online ordering system to stock up on your lenses whenever you feel the box getting light. No time to come in to the store? That's no problem. You'll have all the information you need to have new contacts shipped right to your home at the same great price you'd find in the store.

Dry Eyes? Don't Suffer Alone

If your eyes feel dry when you are wearing your contact lenses, it's important to talk to your Eyeglass World optometrist. There are several options for treating chronic dry eye including prescription medications, changing contact lens brands, or over the counter drops. If you've tried re-wetting drops and giving your eyes a rest, ask Eyeglass World for helpful options.

Annual Contact Lens Exams

As a contact lens wearer, you'll need to get your eyes examined every single year. This is for your health and safety. Contact lenses are a medically regulated device and, accordingly, their fit and your eye health must be checked annually. Don't delay this important appointment.