Kid's Glasses

The Right Styles + the Right Price = Eyeglass World

The equation is simple. When you are looking for the best brands at great prices for your children's eyewear needs, shopping at Eyeglass World just makes sense. Eyeglass World offers an amazing line of designer eyeglasses for children of all ages. Their 2 pair for $78 deal will win the approval of parents everywhere! Glasses part of our 2 pair deal include single vision plastic lenses plus a FREE upgrade to polycarbonate lenses for children 13 and under. You can also choose from any of our frames priced $78. With brands like Converse and Skechers, you are sure to find frames that can please even the toughest junior critics.

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We Know Kids are Tough on Glasses

Eyeglass World knows that taking meticulous care of their eyeglasses may not be your child's natural tendency. That's why we recommend getting two pairs and offer the two pair pricing deal. Every child should have a pair of glasses, and a back-up pair. You know. Just in case!

That's also why Eyeglass World offers a product protection plan. This gives parents peace of mind and offers many repair and replacement options to save you a bundle!

Kids Need Sunglasses, Too

Did you know the right time to start protecting your child's eyes from the sun is birth? Some of the greatest UVA and UVB damage can happen to a child's eyes long before they graduate from high school. Eyeglass World lets you choose a pair of sunglass frames in the two pair pricing to help protect their little eyes outdoors.

Set Your Child Up for Success at School

If your child can't see well, they'll struggle at school. Don't count on the school nurse to diagnose your child's vision problems. School screenings are just that, screenings. They don't test for the many ways your child's vision could impact their schoolwork.

Regular, comprehensive eye exams are essential to your child's overall health and should begin even before your child starts school. In fact, optometric vision testing can be scheduled for children as young as 6 months old. Having your child's vision tested early ensures that they'll have proper focusing and hand-eye coordination skills as they grow. Also, early exams can help doctors identify any eye health issues that are best treated (and corrected) early.

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**Sunglasses can be used with offer if lenses are prescription or upgraded (i.e. Polarized, Drivewear®, etc.). Frame value for free pair still applies at $199.95, even if choosing sunglasses as the free pair. Cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or insurance plan.