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Glasses Made Locally, Given Globally

laughing woman standing in front of eye chart

The World's Best Way to Give Back

We care about providing vision care to people. Not just our customers, but anyone who needs it. Of those who need some type of vision correction, 1 in 7 lack access to glasses – that’s over 1 billion people. One billion people whose poor vision can affect school and job performance, their health and overall success in life. That’s why we created Made Locally, Given Globally.

How It Works

Eyeglass World store

When you make an eyeglass purchase at Eyeglass World, we'll handcraft a pair of eyeglasses using our in-store labs.

Glasses being made in a lab

Associates give added care and attention to these glasses that we create in the prescriptions most-needed around the world.

Young girl trying on a pair of glasses

The custom-made glasses are then given to those in need in countries around the world.

Woman wearing glasses leaning against wall

Mari's Story

Mari lives in the Mayan village of Coba in Yucatan, Mexico. When Mari arrived at the clinic, she needed assistance walking up stairs. Her mother thought that she needed help because of her down syndrome, and didn’t know her daughter needed glasses. When Mari put on glasses for the first time, she immediately smiled and opened her arms to give hugs to the team. Thanks to those glasses, she is now able to see clearly to walk up stairs, communicate with others and become more independent.

Old woman wearing glasses

Valeria's Story

Valeria lives in the small village of Uayma in Yucatan, Mexico. Valeria did not feel comfortable walking by herself as she has trouble seeing distant objects. After years of living with poor vision, Valeria finally received proper eye care and a correct prescription. When she received the right pair of eyeglasses, she couldn’t stop smiling and graciously thanking the team.