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Eye Exams

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Things You Need to Know About Getting an Eye Exam

Eye exams not only test for visual impairment, they can be a first line of defense in identifying other underlying health issues. Even if you don't "feel" like you're having issues with your eyes, some conditions don't have any noticeable symptoms and can only be identified through a full eye exam.

Eye Exams are More Than Just Vision Screenings  ​​​​​​​
Are you straining to see or read? Having frequent headaches or finding it increasingly difficult to drive at night? It may be time for you to get a comprehensive eye examination. There's an important difference between an eye exam and a vision screening.

contact lens case

Contact Lens Exams

As a contact lens wearer, you'll need to get your eyes examined every single year to maintain your health and safety. Contact lenses are a medically regulated device and, accordingly, their fit and your eye health must be checked annually.

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Exams for Kids

Comprehensive eye exams are important in caring for your growing child's eye health, and can make a huge difference in their life. Don't delay in booking an appointment!

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Use Your Vision Insurance

With quality eye care and deals on glasses and contacts, Eyeglass World helps you get the most out of your insurance—without the confusion. Put your benefits to good use and invest in your eye health today! 

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Signs That You May Need an Eye Exam

Because Eyeglass World wants our customers to see better and live better, we endorse the recommendation of health professionals worldwide to get an annual eye exam. When you make getting your eyes checked each year a part of your annual primary care routine, you are safeguarding your vision. Why? Because better vision and eye health are a significant factor in your overall wellness. Eye exams assess your vision needs and detect potentially harmful conditions before they become serious. 

  • Double vision

  • Difficulty reading

  • Difficulty performing close-up work, such as reading or sewing.

  • Changes in how you see color

  • Impaired night vision, particularly when driving

  • Frequent changes to your eyeglass prescription

  • Issues with glare from table lamps or from the sun

  • Seeing halos around lights

  • Seeing a white spot or cloudy spot in the pupil (the pupil, instead of being black, appears milky or white)

  • Trouble with side or peripheral vision​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​If it's been less than a year since you had your eyes checked but you experience changes in the way your eyes look or experience any discomfort, don't wait. Find your nearest location and schedule an eye exam immediately.

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