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Polycarbonate Lenses

Lightweight and impact-resistant, polycarbonate lenses are a great choice for children and eyeglass-wearers with active lifestyles.

polycarbonate verilite lenses
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Why Choose Polycarbonate Lenses?

  • Perfect for an active lifestyle.
    Polycarbonate lenses may be the best choice for you if you're hard on glasses or happen to lead a more active life. Using polycarbonate lenses in regular optical glasses, sports glasses, safety glasses or goggles will help you continue to protect your investment. These impact-resistant lenses will protect your eyes outside while playing, indoors during other activities or even at work.

  • A must-have for children's eyeglasses.
    Polycarbonate lenses are the best lens choice when picking out your child's eyeglasses. Children tend to be a hard on glasses and lenses, and we never want a lens to break or shatter in their frame. That's why Eyeglass World will automatically upgrade to polycarbonate lenses for children ages 13 and under! Just like you, we're committed to your child's safety and want their glasses to withstand whatever your child's life brings.

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