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In-Store Patient Health and Safety

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Frequently asked questions

Are your stores open or closed?

  • Over the coming weeks, we will be gradually re-opening our retail locations to the public with enhanced safety protocols and a focus on meeting the eye health needs of patients and customers. We plan to open Eyeglass World stores throughout the coming weeks. Specific information about the store nearest you can be found at

What are you doing to help prevent exposure to COVID-19?

  • The safety of our associates, optometrists, customers and patients is a priority. As we re-open our stores to the public, we are implementing enhanced health and safety policies and procedures that align with recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as federal, state and local government guidance on social distancing, cleaning procedures, use of personal protective equipment and other safety measures. We have also implemented expanded health and safety training and procedures for all stores and optometrists practicing in our retail locations.

If my local store is still closed, how do I get help with an urgent need?

  • In most stores that remain closed, we do have Associates that are available via telephone from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help patients and customers with urgent and emergency eye care needs. Please visit to find contact information.

Do I need an appointment to visit the store?

  • An appointment is strongly encouraged, and we are asking patients to schedule their visit ahead of time with the store so we can limit the number of people in a location to comply with social distancing guidelines. Please call your local store to schedule your visit.

How do I prepare to visit a store?

  • 1) Scheduling must be done over the phone and we ask that you complete the paperwork in advance online.
  • 2) We ask that patients wear facial coverings, not bring any companions unless necessary, temperatures will be screened when coming into the store.
  • 3) No follow-up appointments are being taken at the current time.
  • 4) Customers shopping for glasses will discard all rejected glasses for cleaning before they are restocked.

I had an eye exam scheduled before Eyeglass World closed. How do I reschedule?

  • We will call or email you to reschedule your appointment.

Are your hours of operations staying the same?

  • We are operating under reduced hours of operations in most locations. Most stores will be open from 9am - 5pm. Please check the hours of operations for the store nearest to you on or call directly to see if your store is open.