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Learn About Eyeglasses: Children's Eyeglasses

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Children's Eyeglasses

For young children, contact lenses aren't always the best option when vision correction is needed. Contact lenses can generally be used when the child hits the teen years, but until then, eyeglasses are the most effective way to correct vision. Luckily, eyeglasses have changed substantially over the years, so your child will be able to find the glasses that fit and they enjoy wearing.
pair of children's eyeglasses

Tips for Buying Kids' Glasses

While you are selecting eyeglasses for your child, there are several components to keep in mind to make certain the frames will last:
1. Look for spring hinges. These hinges make the eyeglasses far more long lasting and less likely to break in the event the eyeglass arms are opened too far.
2. Ask for polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are much less probable to crack or break and are safer for kids.
3. If your child has a rough and tumble style, find strong frames produced of lightweight metal or titanium.
​​​​​​​4. Inquire about scratch resistant coatings. This is a particular coating which can be added to polycarbonate lenses to lessen the likelihood of scratches.

Kids' Eyeglass Frame Options

There are plenty of many types of eyeglass frame designs as well as colors and designers for children's glasses. Younger children may enjoy more brightly colored frames and brand names like Converse and Skechers. Older children may want the same designer designs their parents and older friends wear like Lucky Brand and Ray-Ban®. Check out our Converse eyeglass frames and Skechers eyeglass frames for kids!
From a parent's standpoint, we know that you want your kid's eyeglasses to be useful and tough. At Eyeglass World, we provide a wide collection of kid's eyeglasses that can correct their vision and go easy on your wallet.

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