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What are Eyeglass Lens Coatings?

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Types of Lens Coatings

After you've chosen your lens type, there are added features you may want to include as you order your perfect pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. These features could be different types of coatings available, each which offers a special type of protection for your new lenses and for your eyes.

Here are some of the most popular coating options:

Anti-Reflective Coating Anti-reflective coating or AR coating can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are looking through your new lenses. The special formulation of an AR coating is applied to both sides of the lens in order to dramatically lessen the quantity of glare that bounces off your lenses and into your eyes. A good AR coating helps block glare from sunlight, overhead lights, light from the computer display screen or even car headlights at night. If you hate the sensation of seeing your own eye look back at you because of glare in your glasses, an anti-reflective coating will eliminate that. An anti-reflective coating can make your glasses have a better appearance to other people as well. Because the glare is diminished, others who are looking at you are able to see your eyes directly without having the surrounding lights casting unflattering glares on the eyeglass lenses. An AR coating can be applied to sunglasses as well to help with the impact of sunlight as it passes through the glasses. This may enable you to see better with your sunglasses on a sunny day even if you have a lighter tinted lens. For those who choose AR coating, you'll want to ask about care of your lenses. Eyeglasses with AR coating will need to be cleaned with unique cleansers and should under no circumstances be cleaned with a dry fabric without wetting the lens first. This can result in scratches that will be very noticeable with an AR coated eyeglass lens.

Scratch-Resistant Coating Sadly, no eyeglass lens can be 100% scratch proof. A scratch-resistant coating is the next best thing! When you order this coating on your lenses, your optician will treat both the front and the back of the lenses with a special solution that will make them more durable and scratch-resistant. If you are the type of person who forgets your glasses case or you tend to clean your glasses with the bottom of your shirt, this type of coating will offer you some protection from shallow scratches. This lens coating is also great for children's eyeglasses.

Lens Tints Looking for a little color in your lenses? Maybe you want some computer glasses to reduce some of the blue light? Ask your optician about the full range of lens tint options that would enhance your eyeglass lenses for your current lifestyle!

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