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Eye Strain From Computer Use

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Eye Strain From Computer Use

Far more employees that use a computer for prolonged periods are complaining about eye strain and eye tiredness. Staring at a computer display during the work day, can cause eyesight fatigue, and in turn, eyesight issues. If you use a computer often, it's vital to have an annual eyesight exam.

What is eye fatigue?

Reading a computer display screen causes your eyes to concentrate and focus more than other activities. This is mainly because people operate a computer continuously without taking breaks from looking at the screen, causing the eyes to become very fatigued. As exhaustion sets in, it's much tougher to focus and can actually lead to eye pain and headaches.

Is it possible to get red eyes from computer usage?

Yes. Some workers end the work day with red eyes that they assume are from becoming exhausted. There are other causes of red eye, but this could be an indication of excessive eye strain due to a change in eyesight. Even those who only need to have slight eyesight correction can benefit from wearing glasses when operating a computer.

If your eyeglass prescription is out-of-date, reading a computer screen might be particularly difficult. This will lead to further eye pressure and eye pain as you attempt to continually focus on the words and images on the computer screen.

How often should you get a new glasses prescription?

Computer users need to have their eyeglass prescription or contact lens prescription checked at least annually or whenever you notice a change in vision. Glasses exist that supposedly make focusing on the monitor easier, but the effectiveness of these 'blue light blockers' has not yet been proven. These glasses usually have particular tints and anti-reflective coatings to lower the glare from the display.

If you frequently encounter computer eye strain or vision fatigue, go to your eye doctor and let them know how much time you work on the computer each day. They may also make recommendations to change your workstation for the wellbeing of your vision.

What are some remedies to decrease computer eye strain?

Computer eye strain can be a frequent symptom of people who use a computer for long periods of time during the workday. Eyes can turn fatigued from an attempt to concentrate on the display.

Studies have also shown that we blink much less when looking at a display screen. This can lead to excessive dryness, resulting in vision stress and vision disturbances. You can follow some of these recommendations in order to decrease computer eye strain and vision fatigue.

1. Arrange a proper workstation

Your display screen really should be directly in front of the eyes. You shouldn't have to turn your head or angle your body to the side to clearly see the monitor. The monitor should be roughly two feet from you with the center of the monitor just slightly beneath your direct line of vision.

2. Take breaks

Throughout the day, taking breaks is an essential aspect of reducing personal computer eye stress. During the break, try any of the following:

  • Every twenty minutes, you should look at an object a minimum of 20 feet away, gazing at the object for a minimum of 20 seconds. This helps to refocus your eyes.
  • Slowly close your eyes 10 times. This will assist to naturally wet the surface of the eyes and can help to relieve dryness.
  • Focus on your blinking and try to blink extra.
  • Train yourself to look away from the display screen, if only for a few seconds, consistently through the working day.

3. Install correct lighting

In a lot of offices, fluorescent lights are the norm. Having said that, these lights are typically harsh for constantly using a computer. It is possible to lessen vision stress and eye exhaustion by eliminating lights which are too bright and making use of accent lighting instead. Make sure that lights are arranged in a way that they do not lead to a glare to the display screen. Furthermore, be sure you remove other light sources like windows by covering them with curtains.

Eyesight exam

It really is crucial to have an annual eye exam. Your comprehensive vision examination can detect if visual alterations are causing your eye fatigue. The eye doctor may also speak to you about simple adjustments to your prescription eyeglasses including tints and anti-reflective coating that might help to lessen glare from the display screen. You'll want to inform your optometrist or ophthalmologist how much time that you are spending on the computer every single day.

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