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Basic CR-39 Lenses

Our Everyday, Standard Eyeglass Lenses

Single pair of glasses

Great Lenses at a Phenomenal Price

CR-39 lenses are lighter than glass, far less likely to shatter, and have the optical quality of glass. Luckily, these lenses come with every two pair deal at Eyeglass World, meaning you won’t pay a penny more for these standard, high quality eyeglass lenses. In most cases, we can prepare these lenses right in our in store lab so you can pick up your eyeglasses within a couple of hours!+

We recommend this lightweight plastic lens, especially for lighter prescriptions. Some stronger prescriptions may not work well with this type of lens and the frame of your choice, especially if you’re trying to avoid the “Coke bottle” lens look.

​​​​​​​Visit your local Eyeglass World to talk to an associate to see if these lenses will work well for you. You can also explore other lens options that will match your lifestyle and prescription needs.  

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