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Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light with Tech Defense™ lenses. Available at your nearest Eyeglass World store!

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Worried About Digital Eye Strain? Choose Tech Defense™

  • Tech Defense™ lenses provide up to 3x more protection from harmful blue light rays emitted from electronic screens than standard clear lenses.
  • Perfect lens option for people who spend more time on phones, computers and tablets.
  • Includes UV protection & a scratch-resistant coating. Our blue light blocking lenses are virtually clear in color, and you can also add anti-reflective coating!
  • Available in single vision and digital progressive lenses.
  • Tech Defense™ blue light lenses reduce exposure to harmful blue light by 20% from 415nm-455nm inclusive of 435nm.
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Add Blue Light Blocking Lenses to Your Eyeglasses

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