Big Glasses

Whether you need larger frames or just love the look, Eyeglass World has a huge selection of oversized glasses that fit your style and your budget.

Every Eyeglass World location stocks thousands of frame styles, which means we have a better selection of big glasses and sunglasses in every store. Find an Eyeglass World near you.

Big Glasses and Big Savings

Not only does Eyeglass World offer a huge selection that you won't find anywhere else, but they are all included in our two pair deals** every day!

That's right; Eyeglass World wants you to have the oversize glasses that suit your style without having to decide on just one.

Find an Eyeglass World location now to take advantage of this great deal.

Big Glasses with No Big Wait Time

Eyeglass World understands that you can't wait for better vision. Our labs are right here in the stores, allowing us to provide you with your new oversized glasses in the same day+ in most cases.

At Eyeglass World, we are all about saving you time and money. Plus, we have more than 100 locations nationwide to serve you. Find an Eyeglass World near you and experience a world of difference.

Optometry Services at Eyeglass World

Before you pick out your big glasses, make sure you can read the big letters on the eye chart. The health of your eyes is part of your total well-being, and physicians recommend that a regular eye exam* be part of your primary care regimen.

An eye exam not only tests your vision, but could also detect any underlying issues you may be having.

At Eyeglass World, a professional independent optometrist will meet with you one on one to assess your vision needs and ensure the health of your eyes.

To schedule an eye exam, find an Eyeglass World near you.

Oversized Sunglasses for Great Style and Protection

Eyeglass World also offers a huge selection of prescription sunglasses**. Not only do these oversize styles look great, but they also do a great job of protecting you from harmful UV rays.

Larger sunglasses not only cover more of your face when you are out in direct sunlight, but they also diffuse more light from the sides before it reaches your eyes.

Come and see our huge selection and great designer brands for yourself.

Find an Eyeglass World near you.


**Sunglasses can be used with offer if lenses are prescription or upgraded (i.e. Polarized, Drivewear®, etc.). Frame value for free pair still applies at $199.95, even if choosing sunglasses as the free pair. Cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or insurance plan.