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Extended Wear vs. Daily Wear Lenses

Illustration of contact lens boxes

Contact Lens Types & Tips

Contact lens wearers have many options when it comes to the type of contacts they wear day-to-day. Your eye doctor can work with you to find out which contact lenses properly suit your vision needs. One of the most significant factors in determining which contacts works best for you is the fit. Regardless of the brand or type of contact lens you decide on, it's best to stick with a consistent hygiene regimen and incorporate any recommendations from your optometrist into your daily contact lens routine.

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses are meant to be disposed of at the end of each day. There are many advantages to daily wear contact lenses. There's less maintenance and care involved in these daily lenses. You'll spend less time taking care of your lenses and won't have to bother with or spend money on contact lens solution or storage cases. These contact lenses are NOT recommended for overnight wear.

Extended Wear Contacts

The FDA has authorized extended wear contacts to be worn for a certain length of time, which will be printed on the contact lens packaging. Some manufacturers' lenses can be worn up to 7 days and other manufacturers lenses can be worn for as long as a month. Most extended wear contacts are meant to be worn for two weeks at a time in the U.S. No matter how long you're able to wear your contacts, it's important to stick to the maintenance  routine indicated on your contact lens label and prescribed by your optometrist.

Sleeping in Contacts

It may be harmful to wear daily contact lenses for a prolonged time period, unless you're adhering to the specific care instructions you receive when you are fitted with the lens. Extended wear contact lenses are made to allow more oxygen to reach the surface of one's eye. With daily contact lenses, the material is distinctive and does not enable as much oxygen to reach the eye surface.

Not all extended wear contact lenses are FDA authorized to wear at night, but some are. If you want to sleep with your contacts, make sure to let your eye care professional know before he or she writes the prescription, as this might impact which lens is prescribed. Order your contact lenses online now!

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