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Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses offer the latest and best multifocal technology without the line of traditional bifocals. Get 2 pairs for $229 with our two pair progressives offer.

Bifocal vs Progressive

Why Choose Progressive Lenses?

Need multifocal lenses but hate the look of traditional bifocals? Then progressive lenses are for you. These discreet lenses look just like a regular pair of single vision lenses. Yet, the lens seamlessly transitions from distance correction on top to reading correction on bottom to gives you great vision up close and far away—and everywhere in between! While it does take some time to adjust to progressives glasses, you'll get much better vision than lined bifocals. They’ll feel different at first—but in a few weeks you’ll train your eyes to utilize every part of the lens and become a progressives-wearing pro.

Parts of a Progressive Lens

  • Distance: The top of the lens is for viewing things at a distance like street signs when you're driving.

  • Intermediate: The middle has a smaller area for viewing intermediate objects like your computer screen.

  • Near: The bottom has a small area for things close to you like a cell phone or restaurant menu.