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Shop the optical and sunglass collection of eyewear from Oakley at Eyeglass World.

Oakley Outperforms at Every Angle

Perfect Look

Get a classic Oakley look with sunglasses OR prescription sunglasses featuring official True Digital Oakley sunglass lenses with anti-reflective coating. You can also choose an Oakley prescription eyeglass frame that boasts all the same great features of the Oakley brand, but for everyday wear! Oakley prescription glasses blend the seamless structure of Oakley sunglasses with the added benefits of visual clarity and protection for life beyond sports. 

Perfect Fit

Each frame offered by Oakley conforms to their patented Three-Point Fit model. This means that the when wearing a pair of Oakley frames, the only contact the frames make with your face are on the bridge of your nose and behind your two ears. The Three-Point Fit means perfect alignment, and perfect alignment means the best and most secure fit possible.

Another feature of Oakley frames is the comfort fit. The design includes no-slip earsocks, ear pads and nosepads that provide a secure grip and keep your frames in place throughout the day. The grip will only increase with sweat, so vigorous or outdoor activities won't stand in the way between you and superior visual clarity.

Perfect Vision

Improve your performance and compete with confidence using Oakley's patented technologies of High Definition Optics (HDO). HDO lenses give you clearer, sharper and more accurate vision and reduce distortion that can occur in wrap-style frames.

Understanding the complex process of how the eye interprets color, Oakley's engineers have created high-quality lenses that can turn dull landscapes into vivid vistas, adding richness to your visual experience. 

Perfect Protection

Oakley glasses are put to the test before they ever hit the shelves. All Oakley lenses and frames undergo high impact and velocity testing to ensure that frames will keep you safe in most every situation. 

Not only will Oakley lenses help protect you from visible hazards, but also from the invisible damage that can happen to eyes.  Oakley's Plutonite® sunglass lenses block all UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light, protecting your eyes from the sun's persistent damaging rays.

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