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We are committed to keeping the environmental impacts of our operations low.

Our commitment to operational efficiency includes being mindful of our environmental footprint. We are always looking for opportunities to keep our environmental impact low, including implementing technology that helps us avoid water usage and paper waste.

Green Energy

Completed second greenhouse gas emissions inventory

Greenhouse Gas

Enhanced energy efficiency in stores, distribution centers and labs

Reduce Waste

Reduced paper waste through electronic health records

Clean Lenses

Natural Eyes HydraWear is looking out for the environment.

All Natural Eyes HydraWear contact lenses2 sold in the U.S. are now net plastic neutral.1* For every Natural Eyes HydraWear contact lens2 sold, the manufacturer, CooperVision®, purchases a credit from Plastic Bank® to collect and convert an equal amount1 of plastic through their global network. That includes everything that goes into your contacts—the lenses, blisters, cartons, and even the ink printed on the boxes!

Love the earth with Green Love.

Eyewear made with bio-based and recycled content.

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*Through the manufacturer's partnership with Plastic Bank®

1. Net plastic neutrality is established by purchasing credits from Plastic Bank. A credit represents the collection and conversion of one kilogram of plastic that may reach or be destined for waterways. The manufacturer purchases credits equal to the weight of plastic in Natural Eyes HydraWear™ orders in a specified time period. Natural Eyes HydraWear™ plastic is determined by the weight of plastic in the blister, the lens, and the secondary package, including laminates, adhesives, and auxiliary inputs (e.g. ink). CVI data on file, 2022.

2. Natural Eyes HydraWear™ orders includes Natural Eyes HydraWear™ 1-Day, Natural Eyes HydraWear™ XW, Natural Eyes HydraWear™ XW For Astigmatism, Natural Eyes HydraWear™ XW Multifocal, Natural Eyes HydraWear™, Natural Eyes HydraWear™ For Astigmatism product sold & distributed by National Vision, Inc. in the US.

Warning: Do not expose contact lenses to water while wearing them.