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Xtraclear Non-Glare Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating is a great addition to any pair of glasses to reduce glare while driving or even working on the computer.

Anti-reflective coating
Xtraclear Non-Glare AR Coating

Why Add Xtraclear Non-Glare Anti-Reflective Coating?

  • A must-have for driving, especially at night.
    If you strain to see clearly while driving at night, an anti-reflective coating on your eyeglasses lenses can help reduce the glare of oncoming headlights, lit signs, and other nighttime visual challenges. Xtraclear will help block glare while the sun is setting or rising too.

  • Reduce eye strain.
    Xtraclear Non-Glare has blue light-blocking properties—taking away the glare and easing the visual toll on your eyes from spending too much time staring at lit screens. Less eye strain means less eye fatigue, which allows you to get more done.

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