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Prescription Glasses

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Annual Eye Exams
​​​​​​​Feeling eye strain or fatigue after reading or looking at a screen? Experiencing frequent headaches? Are you playing the "find the right distance" game when you hold up a book or object with fine print? Has driving at night become more of a challenge? Maybe it's just been a while since your last eye exam. If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time for a comprehensive eye exam!
Many optometrists recommend getting your eyes examined every year. An annual eye exam will help you protect your vision through early detection of any eye disease or prescription changes. Annual eye exams can also help you keep a better handle on your overall health. If your eyes aren't healthy, this can signal other potential health issues to screen for during your visit.
Your eyes are the window to a bigger picture of your overall health. Getting them checked every year is a great way to maintain optimal health! Book your comprehensive eye exam today!

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Find the Right Glasses

The right eyeglasses are important to your health, too. Don't risk damaging your vision with off-the-shelf reading glasses. A comprehensive eye exam from a licensed, experienced optometrist like those at Eyeglass World will result in a unique prescription that will address every aspect of your eye health.
Don't worry. Quality glasses won't cost you a fortune. Eyeglass World offers deals as low as 2 pairs for just $89. This includes the very best in prescription lens technology from our in-store labs. Because we can create lenses in our in-store lab, in most cases you can leave with your new custom eyeglasses the same day for most prescriptions.

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Find the Right Lenses

Whether you need single visionbifocals or progressive lenses, we'll make sure you find the perfect glasses and lenses for your lifestyle.
To determine the correct prescription for your vision needs, we encourage you to schedule an eye exam with one of our experienced independent optometrists. 

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