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Prescription Glasses

499x 250_Eyeglasses 2Pairs 78_6-rsGEyeglass World offers you the very best in prescription lens technology, and our labs are in-store so we can give you same-day service on most prescriptions. Eyeglass World has everyday deals on a huge selection of prescription glasses frames. We're also proud to provide you with a wide selection of customizable lenses.



Which Prescription Glasses are Right for You?

LUCKY-LUCKY-ABBEY-BLACK-WHITE-GREY-RIGHTTo determine the correct prescription for your vision needs, we encourage you to schedule an eye exam with one of our experienced independent optometrists. Don’t risk damaging your vision with off-the-shelf reading glasses.

Whether you need single vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses, we'll ensure you receive the perfect glasses made just for your eyes.

Eyeglass World's lens options include:

  • Light sensitive lenses that adjust to changing light conditions
  • Lightweight
  • Highest UV protection of any photochromic lens on the market
  • Built-in scratch resistance
  • More high energy visible light protection than ordinary sun prescription lenses
  • Block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Latest technology in manufacturing progressive prescription lenses
  • Customized to your individual needs


  • Ultimate comfort and protection for the outdoor enthusiast
  • Perfect for water sports, snow conditions or everyday driving
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Incomparable glare reduction
  • Combine technology of Transitions with polarized lenses
  • Use a light tint in low-to-medium light
  • Change to a dark tint in full sunshine
  • Impressive comfort and protection
  • Neverglare
  • Virtually eliminates glare on your lenses
  • See much clearer, especially at night
  • Significantly decreases the glare of oncoming headlights
  • Reduce glare from bright lights and computer screens
  • Reduce eye fatigue

Visit your local Eyeglass World so our experts can find you the perfect prescription lenses!