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Learn About Eyeglasses

Choosing your eyeglasses is a big decision. Exploring the different types of eyeglasses including lens types, frame materials and eyeglass options can help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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Eyeglasses Articles

Eyeglass Frame Types

Choose your next pair of eyeglasses based on your fashion sense and style.

What's the best frames for my face shape?

Your face shape is one of the most important factors to be considered when you buy new eyeglasses. After you've determined your face shape, it's time to consider the shape of the frame and what will look best on you.

Reading Glasses

Squinting to see the small print? It may be time to start wearing reading eyeglasses or readers.

Children's Eyeglasses

Find tips on making your visit to the optometrist easier with your kids.

Lens Coatings

Learn about the different types of coatings that can be applied to your eyeglass lenses. For example, adding an AR coating to eyeglasses can reduce glare on the lenses.

Lenses Available

There are different types of lenses that will work better for different lifestyles and prescription needs. Learn more about the lenses available at Eyeglass World! 

How to Maintain Your Glasses

A few tips and tricks to make sure your glasses still have that 'brand new' feeling every time you put them on!

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Eyeglass Trends

Check out our favorite fashionable eyewear trends!

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Lens Types

Learn more about the different types of eyeglass lenses we carry, and find the lenses that are right for you.